Quality spaces are springs of quality life …

We serve in the heart of Furniture Ankara – Akyurt, The company is based on 30 years of history.

We offer the latest technological machinery and equipment in 12.000 m2 closed area. We continue to serve you with 70 expert Engineers, Architects, wood and lacquer Masters.

We render interior design, project planning and turnkey implementation services in various scales and categories within our organization. We aim to integrate the living spaces with the users with modern, original and economical designs with user friendly comfort, following the world trends with our dynamic and creative staff. We blend the employer’s needs, demands and dreams with their own imagination and experience. We consider our projects with the principle of quality spaces are springs of quality life.

The first place that a brand meets with its customer is undoubtedly creates the first impression of that brand. For this reason, we attach importance to the brand integrity of the interior design and render concept consulting services. In the scope of this service understanding we consider and design everything for your brand identity as a whole with interior design. Sometimes we create a brand new brand,

sometimes we give a current brand a new strength.

We share and interact with all the disciplines that are in line with the belief in the importance of teamwork and the needs of the project. Our company having a multidisciplinary working network undertakes interdisciplinary coordination service.

We consider the concepts of “transparency” and “honesty” to be our most important business principles. We analyze projects in every aspect in the design phase and we work fast with an effective site organization in the application phase. We attach great importance to every detail and workmanship that make up the whole. In architecture we keep in mind the importance of function as design, we do not allow our aesthetic concerns to overcome the functionality. Whether large or small, we elaborate every architectural design and application. We never repeat ourselves. We’re chasing the world without being seized by the transient magic of fashion.

We perceive problems and come up with solutions.

We figured out that the key to a proper project is communicating. Depending on the definition of the interior space project, the information we receive from the investor or the user is the most basic starting point for us. “User demands” for individual spaces; “customer portfolio, investment budget, capacity and marketing strategies” constitute the first phase of our design and projecting process if we mention about a commercial space. We produce a wide range of project concepts from complex and multifunctional space systems to simple but functional spaces. We will continue to accompany you in the stages of control, consulting, application and furniture production when the concept projects we have created in the triplets of expectations, functional requirements and aesthetic concerns become ready to be implemented with all 3D visuals, technical presentations and experiential team work done by us.

Our Quality Policy

For top-rated wooden decorations; t is our quality policy to improve customer satisfaction with our qualified staff, to improve our quality  continuously and to use this for the good account of our customers, creating work opportunities for more personnel by increasing the existing customer portfolio, to become to a leading position for wooden decorations and furniture.

Our values


Sense of responsibility

Loyalty to commitments in all aspects

High quality understanding


Customer orientation